Why Include Klose Training in your Continuing Education Curriculum?

  • Clients are asking for it and massage therapists are looking for this valuable training!
  • Turn your school into the place to go for the premiere Manual Lymph Drainage Certification program.
  • It is easy and profitable to become a host school.
  • We take care of all the details!
    • Registration, tuition, student questions, and follow-up.
    • We will provide you with marketing materials and post on our website schedule
  • Convenience and flexibility
    • We host a class on-site at your school when it works best for your schedule. Convenient for you and your students.

Contact Erin to discuss how we can make this happen.

The value of MLD is becoming more understood and appreciated by both the beauty and health industries. Clients are asking for MLD to help with lymph system support, post-surgical rehabilitation, and general health benefits. Certification by a reputable program is critical in helping licensed massage therapists become highly regarded and sought after.

Our program is unique in not only the quality of information but because of the resources and support we make available to students after graduation. We offer a highly regarded course based on techniques developed by Dr. Emil Vodder, PhD, MT. The Vodder Technique is the gold standard in Manual Lymph Drainage. The theory and hands-on practice in this course empower participants with the skills and knowledge to use MLD safely and effectively.

Erin has come to our wellness center to teach continuing education every year for the last several years. She has been professional and easy to work with and the students’ feedback is positive. It is always a successful experience for everyone.”

_Christine Walker, Educational Director, Massage Academy at Therapeutic Indulgence